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Our FFL can be downloaded by the seller at the below link. It can then be printed.  Please fill out the top section and return with shipment.

FFL License  (License in PDF format)

Yes, we would love to handle the transfer of your firearm!  But please email or call us first.  Email is preferred.

COST:  $30 for the first firearm and $10 for each additional  (Tax and Background Check Included)

If you are needing a transfer and would like to use Skip's Firearms, please read the information below.

If you purchase your firearm on an online auction, please forward us the email you receive from the seller once you have won.  This will allow us to have your info, what you purchased and the sellers contact information so that we can send them our FFL.  Email is the best way of sending an FFL, because the copy is much clearer than a fax copy.  We can fax our FFL if necessary, but EMAIL is preferred.
Once your firearm/firearms are delivered here, we will call or email you so that you can come by and pick it up.


Incoming Transfers

By Federal Law we must have the name and address of the seller.  A copy of the sellers drivers license would be best.  NO TRANSFER without the NAME AND ADDRESS of the seller.  A Copy of the sellers Drivers License would be the best!

Please make sure the seller includes all of your information, including name and contact information with the shipment.


If you would like us to ship a firearm for you, please make sure you read the information below:

  1. Transfer fee is $20 + actual shipping costs.  (For most pistols shipping is $10, Rifles $15)

  2. We do not add insurance to shipments unless you request and pay for it. 



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